– Covid protocol –

We have made a protocol against COVIDs in rural housing on the basis of measures against COVIDs in ICTEs to ensure safety and hygiene in our hostel so that you can safely and comfortably be a symptom.

We hope to continue to enjoy the comfort and warmth of the farm.

Take care of yourself! Take care of us!


– Safety and hygiene –

We’re in full nature, not far from the Red Hand, about 200 yards away.

You can relax and enjoy safety in a natural environment.

The landlord rents all the land. So you won’t share the house with anyone else.
Besides, to make you more secure, we have put in place the following measures, in accordance with the COVID-19 anti Protocol for rural lodging. The Protocol is requested by the Secretary of State for tourism and is in cooperation with the Land tourism Cooperation (ACTR).


– We do Pre-check in the online. A few days earlier, we sent you a strap through the watsapp so that we could perform it first, thereby eliminating the need for the reception staff to manipulate the landlord’s identification documents.

– We pay for an online stay. We offer you a variety of options, from transfer to Bizum.


– We’ll let the customer know how to get out of the house and where to leave the keys on the exit day to avoid contact.


– We give the establishment hydroalcohol doses to be used by our guests.”

– We removed the notebooks, maps and directories we had in our offices, and replaced them with QR codes.


– We wash and disinfect between each reservation, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and tourism:

For cleaning, viruses are used authorized by the Ministry of Health.

– The house is airborne and completely disinfected.

– All household textile (bedding and toilet clothes) is washed and hygienized at high temperatures.

In spite of the extreme preventive measures, you will continue to enjoy the comfort and warmth of the cottage.

Take care of us. Thank you!


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