Comfort in the countryside


Comfort in the countryside


Following the inspiration of the Basque farmhouse, we welcome you to Etxaburu, where the essence of a house is intertwined with the authenticity of rural life.

The house has been designed to blend harmoniously with its surroundings, evoking the warm feeling of home.

Traditional architecture is combined with artistic elements that pay homage to the richness of Basque culture. It is the perfect balance between rustic charm and contemporary luxury. In this combination, noble traditional materials such as wood and stone are interwoven in harmony with the contemporary lines of modern architecture, creating open and light-filled spaces.

Following the owners’ fascination with traditional objects and antique furniture, Etxaburu showcases a collection that adorns the spaces; from antique furniture to farming tools and antique kitchen utensils. This selection of pieces represents the traditional culture of the area, paying homage to the rich history embraced by our surroundings in Gorriti and the Larraun Valley, in Navarre.













Ground floor

The ground floor of Etxaburu cottage is characterised by being an open-plan space, with integrated areas where the kitchen and the living-dining room are open for guests to share every moment. It has large windows that open onto a spacious porch. On this floor, there is also a pantry, a bathroom and the Deluxe bedroom.

In this ensemble, the extensive library stands out. The library invites you to immerse yourself in reading and to enjoy moments of serenity. Its vast collection of books offers a variety of options to suit different tastes and interests, creating a unique atmosphere where guests can explore captivating stories and enjoy moments of calm and reflection at Etxaburu cottage.

The double height of the ceilings in the living-dining area stands out, where the wood contributes to the feeling of spaciousness and warmth, making the living-dining room a distinctive and charming space. This architectural design highlights the uniqueness and cosy atmosphere of the house, turning the living-dining room into a central space where guests can enjoy memorable moments in a homely environment.

Deluxe Suite

Elegant room with a 1.60m bed and lovely views of the garden. Located on the ground floor, this room has been designed with special attention to provide comfort for people with reduced mobility. Wooden ceilings and textiles in warm, soft tones contribute to the cosy décor and unique personality of this space. Inspired by the artistic essence of Chillida, we have incorporated decorative elements by the renowned Basque artist, adding a touch of class to the room.

Upper floor

On the first floor, a hallway links all the rooms, highlighted by a wooden balcony that overlooks the living-dining room and the large window on the ground floor. This space is transformed into an ideal corner to immerse oneself in the reading of a good book, accompanied by a rocking chair that invites you to relax.

From the first floor of the country house, looking up to the roof and discovering the beauty of the house’s ridge highlights the essence of wood, a traditional element of the Basque farmhouse.

All the rooms on this floor offer panoramic views of the beautiful garden, providing a serene atmosphere and connecting harmoniously with the nature that surrounds the farmhouse.

Premium Suite

Spacious and cosy room with beautiful views of the garden. This suite is carefully equipped with elegant furnishings, a 1.50 m double bed and a practical desk. It also offers the option of adding an extra bed, on request, without any loss of comfort. The gabled wooden ceilings add the distinctive charm of a mountain cottage with luxury facilities, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Superior Double

Room with two 90 cm twin beds, ideal for resting while enjoying the views of the garden and the natural environment that surrounds the house. The sloping ceilings add a charming and cosy touch, creating a unique atmosphere full of personality.

Superior Double II

Room equipped with two twin beds of 90 cm, providing a special atmosphere designed for the little ones and creating a pleasant and cosy space for families. Designed to suit both adults and children, the room offers children’s details including children’s books, a magnetic wall with games such as tangram, magnetic letters and numbers, as well as a children’s table and chairs. From the window, you can enjoy a relaxing view of the garden and meadows surrounding the house. Ideal for resting while enjoying the views of the garden and the natural environment surrounding the house.

Garden Relax

Explore the charm of the garden at the Etxaburu country house. Surrounded by an extensive garden of 1,300 m2, the property has a varied collection of trees and flowers that bring colour and fragrance to the environment. The house has hammocks that invite you to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the garden, while a swing in one of the trees offers a charming corner for moments of peace.

In addition, our guests can immerse themselves in fun with outdoor games provided by the gîte, such as a basketball hoop, guaranteeing entertainment for all ages. Discover the harmony between nature and leisure in our cosy and well-kept garden in Etxaburu. 


Our country house offers a large porch divided into two areas: a cosy lounge and a charming dining room. Ideal for enjoying unforgettable meals with family and friends. This porch is the heart of Etxaburu, a space where rural life meets comfort and elegance.

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